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Massage Have seen Melissa a number of times and her messages are always great and relaxing.
Bao T
Melissa Haven't had a massage in awhile but can't remember a better experience. Melissa was very professional and pleasant. Will be going back soon.
Bao T
Melissa Haven't had a massage in awhile but can't remember a better experience. Melissa was very professional and pleasant. Will be going back soon.
Kathy N
Feeling so much better!!!! So it had sadly been some time since I had seen Melissa, just finally got back in there on Tuesday and feel like a new person! Thank you thank you!
Wonderful...! I've been using Melissa for 3 years now and she does a great job! I was in last week with some back issues and she worked everything out. I would highly recommend her for a sports or therapeutic massages.
Robert K
Massage review Terrific massage. Very professional and great personality
April A
attention to detail i really feel a lot better after a massage from Melissa. she doesn't do the same thing each time i am there. she pays attention to an area that is in need and makes it better. i always feel better even days after she has given me a massage. she uses a non oily, unscented cream so i can get back to work and not need a shower. it's one thing to take the time to relax, and another to use that same amount of time to repair AND relax.
Whitney H
excellent! very relaxing and wonderful massage.
Give this a 10! The massage was excellent, the room comfortable and warm! I think this is about the BEST massage I have had that concentrated on real muscle issues.
Great and thorough massage Excellent massage. She was very thoughtful in providing care. She has amazingly strong hands.
Jessica M
Absolutely Amazing Melissa was fantastic. The 90 minute was so great. Good combination of muscle work and relaxation. I think I fell asleep! I will go back!
Rebecca L
Edens edge Massage Polite & professional Michelle gets down to business. Her fingers work magic on sore muscles & knots. It was very relaxing!
Customer Visit Great survive. She was friendly and just let me fully relax.
Customer Visit Great survive. She was friendly and just let me fully relax.
Laura L
Best massages! I cannot say enough good things about Edens Edge Massage! Melissa is very professional and you can tell she loves what she is doing. Her hours make it easy to book appointments around my schedule. Had a gift card for another massage place and immediately went back to Melissa! Worth every penny!
Sol B
Eden Prairies Best Kept Secret!! I purchased two Skinny massages on living social, one for me & one as a gift for my wife. My wife had her massage first & came home and said "best massage ever"! You will love Melissa!! I had mine a few days later and it was the BEST massage I ever had. Melissa knows her craft and I am so pleased to discover her. We purchased 6 more and we can't wait to go back. She is a great find!
Christina A
Massage was GREAT I recently purchased a 60 minute massage. Melissa was very friendly and upbeat. I have gotten massages at other spas in the past but haven't been very satisfied. Melissa really listened to what I wanted and worked on my problem areas. My neck and back feel amazing now. I highly recommend her!
Waited too long It had been way too long before I went to Melissa for my massage. The normal stress of day to day life adds up. She asked about troubled areas. I told her everywhere. I felt better before I got to my car. It wasn't an indulgence but a necessary natural way to feel good.
Jane L
Awesome!!! Melissa is very thorough and confident. She knows exactly which muscles need extra attention. I have never had such amazing massages before Melissa!
Boe T
Melissa is the best! Deep tissue. Best massages I've ever had....and I am a chiropractor...I've had a lot.
Julia D
Excellent! Very professional and would definitely recommend Melissa to others!
AWESOME AS ALWAYS Review of Melissa Graffunder I have not complaints! Would recommend the world to Melissa! She is truly the greatest to get a massage from. She has helped to release so much tension from my head, neck and back.
Refreshed Wonderful massage! I highly recommend Melissa!
Jason B
Melissa Massage one word to describe this massage "WOW"
EXCELLENT SERVICE!! Melissa is one of the best I've been too. Not only with an awesome personality but uses the hard pressure that I need. I would recommend the world to her. She is great!!
John N
Perfect What a difference a day can make. For you golfers out there, my body was so tight, I simply could not make a proper turn. I was playing poorly and couldn't understand why. I spent 90 minutes with Mellissa after a pathetic 88 on the course. My next round was 75. Melissa really knows how to find the problem areas AND FIX THEM. I feel great. Working with Melissa has absolutely allowed me to continue to play hockey and golf at high levels. Thanks for keeping me in the game Melissa!
Steve B
Excellent massage Melissa gave me an excellent massage with just the right amount of pressure. Will definitely stop again next time I am in town.
Excellent! Great massage...I have chronic neck & shoulder issues & was relieved to have them disappear after my massage. Melissa cares about her clients & strives to help them in any way possible to make their life better. Always a great massage!
Eden's Edge Massage I purchased a 90 minute massage and left feeling completely relaxed. I highly recommend Eden's Edge Massage and look forward to my next visit.
Teri M
Wonderful! Melissa is a wonderful massage therapist. She listens to what your needs are and then provides the appropriate massage. I've been going to her for years and have been very happy. Definitely give her a try. You won't be disappointed!
FANTASTIC SERVICE Melissa is one of the best I have found in years. She used very firm pressure as requested. Also such a personable person to deal with. Would definately go back!!!
April A
5 days later and i still feel great! melissa took the time to find the problem areas and really made them much better! i'm going back each month!
Boe T
Great massage - Actually deep! I had a great experience. I was pleasantly surprised by skill and depth. Melissa is great, I would highly recommend.
Just what I needed I got home from trip a few weeks ago with a sore back, neck and shoulders. I wish I'd gone to Melissa earlier. This is the best I've felt for quite a while. She listened to my needs and did what I asked. She is a true professional!
Jeff Van horn
Not a back rub I have been a customer for several years for one reason. That is that Mellissa truely knows what she is doing and is able to do it. She knows how to alleviate the worst of muscle spasms and get to the spots that need work. I feel so much better after a session, its indescribable. I have tried other places when I was unable to get in with Melissa and it was a waste of time and money. One visit and you will know what I'm talking about.
The Best I have been Melissa's customer for over 4 years. She is THE BEST. I am a very active person and she is able to help me recover from my training and races getting me ready for the next. She also is a competent, national credentialed massage therapist and knows how to relieve chronic or acute pain from injury complimenting my traditional treatment. At the end of my massage I always leave knowing that she is THE BEST.
Cristin O
Amazing You can tell from her first handshake that Melissa has a lot of strength to draw upon. She is excellent at customizing sessions to the individual and can be as delicate or as hard of pressure as required or wanted. She really listened to what my muscles were saying and adjusted treatment for each muscle group, and even each side of my body (because one is a lot more tense than the other). Absolutely fantastic.
Rachel T
Fantastic massage! Melissa is highly skilled at the work she does. I have migraines, chronic neck and back pain, and came in seeking pain relief as well as relaxation. She provided an amazing massage. I felt so much better afterwards, for several days afterward. I will definitely be back to see her again.
Absolutely Great...! Came in with severe soreness and all was worked out with excellent deep tissue service. Technically knows how the muscles of the body work and the required techniques to provide effective muscle release therapy.
*kim s
Melissa is the best! I have struggled with low back pain for quite some time and visited numerous massage therapists. None compare to Melissa! She really understands the body and muscular/bone structure of people. She REALLY digs out the knots and tension. She is by far the best I have been to. I highly recommend her!
Mary B
Very professional Melissa not only worked out some pretty tight spots in my neck and shoulders, she gave me some stretching moves that will strengthen those areas. Her heart is a gentle soul, but her hands tell a different story. Very talented lady.
Kathy W
You don't want to miss this I have never found anyone better who can do deep tissue massage. I have gone to her for over three years. She is very professional but friendly. Her massage room is so comfortable. I forgot I wasn't in a spa. There is even a waterfall. She is wonderful for first time customer or long term customers. She is so flexible in her massage techniques, she is always able to provide what you need. I never want to miss my massage time with her.
relaxing massage Had a very wonderful experience. The environment was very peaceful and calm. The massage was wonderful and exactly what I was hoping for. Felt very relaxed and calm when I left
Pam MacDonald
Fabulous! I have recently sought out massage as a way to support me in continuing to be able to be the best that I can be in what I do. I am in the hair industry, a career that I love, but it is hard on the body. 31 years at age 50-it is definitely time to take care of my body. Melissa was amazing. She dug deep, stretched those muscles out, and helped my body work to its full potential. She is both knowledgeable and passionate and it shows in her work.
Janet B
Melissa is the BEST! Melissa is absolutely the best at the art of massage. She knows exactly how to treat each area you need work on, and she does it with the expertise of a real professional. She's absolutely amazing!
Wonderful "HEALING" massage! Melissa was able to work out some very tight muscles from a bad golf swing! Very professional and definitely will go back or have her come to my home!
1st time - great massage! I was impressed with Melissa's techniques and will definitely go back. You get the personal attention that is lacking at chains where the massages tend to be robotic. I got my money's worth. My messed up leg felt so much better!
Kathy N
Great experience as usual! Melissa knows what she is doing. This is not a fluffy, light touch massage. This is a deep massage that will leave you feeling great all week. All the creaks and aches that come with being a weekend warrior are gone and replaced by a sense of being able to go out and do it again!
Jeff Van Horn
Does it right Melissa knows what she is doing and doesn't just "massage". She works the appropriate areas when she has identified the muscles that are hurting or stressed. Additionally, she has the strength to do it right, which is hard to find in a masseuse.
Top notch I've gotten fairly regular deep tissue massages with Melissa for about a year now, and I'm never disappointed. I've never had a more professional and competent massage experience.
Jeff Van Horn
Solid Melissa is not afraid to do what it takes. I can say that she is probably the strongest masseuse I've ever had. If you're looking for someone who knows what they are doing and actually accomplishes something with a massage, you've found it. I was very impressed.
Terry S
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH It had been a long time since I had a massage and so glad I got one with Melissa. She was excellant. Hit my tight areas hard and provided a peaceful, relaxing but very helpful experience. She was just great.
LIfe changing! Melissa is an amazing massage therapist. She provided amazing relief to my neck and shoulders I didn't know was possible. While I've toured the cities and found many great massage therapists around town, Melissa tops them all. I can't wait for my next visit.
Kenn W
Exceptional Massage Review of Melissa Graffunder Melissa provided me a relaxing and soothing massage. It was one of the best massages I have ever had. I whole-heartedly recommend Melissa!
Magnificent Melissa's massage is a magnificent experience. I have gone to her for over five years and still leave in awe with how great I feel. I had a bod groin injury this summer and she was able to work this out in a couple sessions so I could get back to my sports activities. I trust her work and knowledge about injuries and how to treat these effectively. I have never found some who can give such great, deep tissue massage, but is able to adjust to light touch if that is needed too. I am hooked on her magnificent massages long term.
Eden's Edge Massage Melissa is professional, efficient and skilled. In addition, she is friendly and very courteous. We would recommend her to anyone.
Top Notch You know,I have been looking for a decent massage therapist for over a year now. Melissa did a wonderful job. Being a scientist and teaching anatomy, I have a decent understanding of the body. She understands the muscle fibre thoroughly and ends up getting at knots that I never knew about. The massage was one of a kind and I am excited to get back to her
11/2 hour massage Great Massage by Melissa - will be coming back!
B Scott
Massage review Melissa was so nice! She did an amazing job! I highly recommend her.
Ryan S
Helpful and adaptable! Melissa was great! The massage was obviously spectacular, but she also shared some ideas about how to attack some problem areas. Will definitely return!
60 minutes Had a great experience. Melissa is great! I look forward to going back! Thanks!
April A
great relief melissa is a great therapist and doesn't just make you feel relaxed. she gets to the underlying problem areas and works on them til they are SO MUCH BETTER! also love that she doesn't use oil so i can get to work after and not be slimy and greasy the rest of the day!
Mike S
Deep Tissue Extraordinaire Amazing!!! Melissa truly understands her craft. Having an abundance of recipient experience in massage therapy (both domestically as well as abroad)...this is one of the best massages experienced in awhile!
Jeff V
Professional, effective massage Melissa is a very knowledgeable Massage Therapist. She is extremely good at finding and alleviating muscle issues. Her knowledge of trigger points and physical strength allow her to be very effective. If you have to sit at a desk everyday making it almost impossible to stay in the shape you'd like to be in for outdoor activities, you know the aches and pains that come afterward golf, softball, biking, hiking, etc. Melissa can help get you back out there. Sometimes you have to take a little pain to get back to normal, but its well worth it with Melissa. Don't waste your money on a standard back rub, get what you pay for with Edens Edge!
Eden's Edge Melissa is the ultimate professional. She has helped both my husband and me. I would recommend her to anyone.
Tony W
Melissa is wonderful! Melissa is the best massage therapist! I've gotten many massages in the past, but none compared to Melissa. She has amazing hands! Do yourself a favor and make appointment with her, you'll LOVE IT!
Diana S
excellent 90 minute massage Both of us really enjoyed our 90 minute massage room was nice and warm very comfortable bed and quite room. Massage was excellent bored three more already thank you
Magnificent Melissa's massage is a magnificent experience. I have gone to her for over five years and still leave in awe with how great I feel. I had a bod groin injury this summer and she was able to work this out in a couple sessions so I could get back to my sports activities. I trust her work and knowledge about injuries and how to treat these effectively. I have never found some who can give such great, deep tissue massage, but is able to adjust to light touch if that is needed too. I am hooked on her magnificent massages long term.
Ralph C
best massage ever!! I've never had a better massage! Well worth the money!
Best massage therapist period! Melissa is absolutely amazing! She really listens to what your needs are. I just had my 5th or 6th visit today and no two sessions were the same, I love that! She's worth every penny! My next appointment is already booked :)
Michelle G
AWESOME! The massage I received yesterday was outstanding! A great way to end the day. I will definitely come back and will pass on your name to others.
Greg N
Great Massage! I have had a number of massages with a variety of therapists and Melissa is one of the best. She has a great ability to find the kinks and work them out with just the right amount of pressure. I would recommend Eden's Edge to anyone looking for a great massage in a nice setting.
Tara A
90 Minute Body Massage I went to Eden's Edge Massage for the first time with some circulation issues and when I left, I felt amazing. It has only been a couple days since, but I can already tell a difference. I will be going back for sure :) Thank you!!
Sue G
excellent massage This was on e of the best massages I have received.
Dan N
Massage by Melissa Melissa gave me the best massage I have ever had. I have had several by different people but hands down she has been the best! I highly recommend anyone who needs a massage to get it from her.
Ross C
Massage with Melissa Oops -- just posted with incorrect name, sorry Melissa -- I had a great massage with Melissa and Melissa really worked my back to relax my muscles! Thank you.
Marlene M
Melissa is one of the best! I have been seeing Melissa for years and have always received a great massage. She knows exactly where the troubled spots are for relief.
Rebecca S
Every week. My daughter and I get massages from mellissa almost every week. I have been getting them for several years now. She's very very good. I have bad sinus problems so she works on those areas and no one else ever has helped like she does. I highly recommend her. :)
Trista T
Best of the best The experience was absolutely amazing! I've had a lot of massages from a lot of people, and Melissa was by far the best deep tissue masseuse I've ever had. I would recommend her to anyone!
Erin M
Pre-Marathon Massage I had a 90 minute pre-marathon sports massage. Thanks for working out all my kinks!
Heidi B
Full body massage Melissa has strong hands to do any type of massage. Don't worry if you aren't sure what you need. Trust her to find your problem areas and give them a very thorough workout!!! After my massage I was able to stand erect! Haven't been able to do that without causing more back pain!!!! Thank you!!!
Massage Expert Melissa is an extremely knowledgeable therapist, who provides the utmost professionalism and care. She is a wizard at finding the trouble spots, and uses effective techniques to relieve muscle soreness. She is wonderful!
Nicolle M
Best massage!!! I have bad chronic pain in my knee, low back, shoulder and neck and after leaving a massage with Melissa I felt like a knew person!! I will definitely be going back soon. I had tried a chiropractor, physical therapist, and an orthopedic doctor and this is was very helpful. Best massage I have ever had. Melissa is amazing!
Teresa K
Lasting Relaxation I was in for a Skinny Massage earlier in December and it was amazingly relaxing! The deep tissue feel lasted with me for 2 weeks. I have never felt so relaxed and calm - I bought 3 more! Its a great way to start off the new year. I would (and have) highly recommend her to anyone for a massage therapist who understands your needs and can work out the knots in a professional and calming way. I also love being able to book online, change appointments.
Tracy T
Melissa is AMAZING! I had a bit of an embarrassing situation prior to arriving at Eden's Edge but Melissa was super understanding. We were both laughing about it. She was able to work out the stress knots I had in my shoulders. Melissa is seriously the best massage therapist I've ever gone to. I feel so lucky to have found her. Why go to McDonald's when you can have a filet? It is worth the drive for me :) Melissa is pure heaven, give her a try and you can see for yourself!
Katherine H
Highly Recommend! Melissa does a wonderful job. She provides a very relaxing atmosphere and I left feeling rejuvenated.
Myron M
Melissa is an Artist! Melissa's knowledge of muscles and technique make for an amazing massage experience. I get massages regularly , and Melissa is one of the best I've ever had. I recommend her with enthusiasm!
Stephanie J
Very nice A very nice and inviting atmosphere. Melissa was respectful and kind. This was my first ever massage, and a very pleasant experience. Thank you!
Crystal S
60 Min massage I had a great massage with Melissa the other day. She really worked on the knots that I had. The place was a little hard to find (my GPS brought me somewhere different), but when I called, she was understanding and gave me the right directions. Melissa did great work and I would definitely recommend her.
Noelle D
Great massage My massage was great. It really helped with my neck and shoulder paim. Thanks!
Kathy W
Can't get better!!! Even after 5 years with Melissa, I leave feeling like a new woman when I leave. She is awesome. Even when I do some activity that ends up causing me pain, she is able to work this out in one massage. Without her, I wouldn't be able to keep my level of activity going. She gives serious deep massages which I appreciate and have become addicted to. She is the greatest.
Sarah D
Skinny Massage I recently had a skinny massage with Melissa and it was wonderful! She relieved a lot of my tension, but still managed to make it relaxing enough that I fell asleep for part of it. Next time I plan to take my before and after measurements... which I hope will be soon!
Amazing talent! Melissa is an absolutely incredible masseuse. She is one of the best I have even been to! She truly has an impressive talent.
Jeanne B
Awesome massage Melissa is an awesome massage therapist! I had a massage yesterday from her and she was great.....hit all the right spots!!
Ann S
best massage yet! unlike some of the massages that I got, this one was firm and I love it. I'll definitely come back!
Renee S
Relaxing, Rejuvenating and Theraputic Highly recommend Eden's Massage. Best massage I've ever had.
Ann S
Impressive I have been looking for someone that can give me a nice, firm massage and I found it here! I'm impressed! I'll be coming back here often.
Great Massage Melissa is a great massage therapist, very professional and personable.
very happy I tried edens edge Melissa seems to be gifted at immediately finding the spots that need the most work. In addition, as opposed to the chain massage spas, she knows how to give a deep tissue massage. Extremely professional, very talented. If you are an athlete or physically active, and need deep tissue, melissa is the best I have found.
Tricia G
Great Place for a Massage!! Melissa was great! She was very professional and gives a wonderful massage. I would definitely recommend her!
Steve H
Excellent Massage I've had massages by many other massage therapists over the years--this was my first time with Melissa and I really liked her technique: just the right amount of pressure, and very relaxing without being too gentle. I also liked that she didn't use too much oil or lotion (also just the right amount) so I didn't walk out of there feeling all greasy/oily as with other therapists that I've been to. I bought another package of three massages from her and look forward to going back!
Marilyn R
Wonderful, friendly service My 90-minute massage was wonderful -- enough to work out the knots and kinks, yet relaxing and soothing. Healing for both mind and body. After just 1 massage with Melissa, I booked a package of 3 more! I highly recommend!
michelle s
Repeat Customer After an amazing massage from Melissa I had the best night's sleep ever. I feel totally refreshed. Just bought 6 more massages...
peggy a
First time client This was my first time at Eden's Edge Massage and it wont be my last. Melissa listened to my concerns and got to work making me feel better. She is very relaxing/knowledgeable and has great hands. I will be a return client. The office is relaxing and her website makes making appointments easy. Give her a try you will become a repeat client.
Diana S
Massage 90 minutes! An excellent massage, I had a head and neck ache when I arrived you did an excellent job of listening to what I needed! I was completely relaxed after my massage! Can't wait for my next massage with you in April!
Leann L
Best Massage Ever I got the best massage ever. The hour and a half seemed so much longer than an hour massage and so worth the extra money. I was so relaxed and the massage was the perfect pressure the whole time. Seriously - best massage ever.
Teresa K
Relaxation at it's BEST! Melissa is super awesome! I leave there feeling relaxed and unknotted:) Thanks!
Tracy T
Heaven Melissa did it again! She worked on my arms, neck, shoulders, and back. I'm amazed at how she is able to find my problems areas without me even telling her. I highly recommend her. I will be forever loyal, you will be too if you give her a try! She is also very accommodating.
Solid, strong, refreshing massage and stretch. Melissa is a fantastic masseuse; she's powerfully strong, and really does wonderful medium and deep tissue massage. Also some fantastic stretching, too. I won't lie, it might be a pit brusque at times if you are really tight or need some big knots worked out (like me), but either way, it was a fantastic session, and I felt great afterward.
Melissa is FANTASTIC! I had tight muscles and was having problems with posture. In 90 minutes, Melissa made me feel brand new! She was quickly able to find tight areas and work them out. I am very thankful for her excellent work! I highly recommend Eden's Edge Massage!
Thank You! Wonderful Massage! Will be back!
David O
Five out of Five I've been going to Melissa for several months now and I've always left completely satisfied. She knows what she is doing and will also listen to your suggestions. She may be petite but she is very strong!
Vicky S
Massage I enjoyed my massage with Michelle and would recommend her to family and friends
Very good massage I have been getting weekly massage for a number of years to help with relaxation and past orthopedic injuries. I am fearful of posting this but it only seems fair. This was the best I have experienced - by far - in the Twin Cities area. Most therapists that I have run into in Minnesota need to have all of the trouble spots detailed so that they know where to focus their intent. I found that Melissa found issues that I didn't even know existed. Some of those issues were the cause for pain that I felt in other areas. Very happy with the level of service. My fear writing this review is that she is already difficult to schedule and any new clients will make it more difficult in scheduling. Again, I thought it was fair. If you can schedule 2- 3 weeks out, You will not be disappointed
Eden's Edge Message I thoroughly enjoy my message with Melissa. She is great. Just the right amount of pressure and very relaxing. I have seen her a few times and plan to return.
Cindy Hilborn
Best Massage Ever I've had many people give me massages, but Melissa has been the best. I was very tight with many knots and she really worked on them. She found knots in my feet and hand that I didn't even realize were there. The next day I was only mildly sore in the tightest spots. She is a real professional.
Great experience Melissa is friendly and professional. Very good at my preference for deep massage
Very relaxing Melissa does a great job and I feel relaxed for days after! I highly recommend her!!
Awesome experience I have had 2 90 minute massages and they are excellent. I request hard pressure which isn't for the faint at heart...but I feel great a couple days after the massage. Melissa listens and does what you ask her to do, she is phenomenal at loosening up those tight spots. Thank you
Worth It I don't often get massages, so when I do it's a real treat and I'm always hoping to really feel like I got everything worked out that I was hoping to get relief for - and I wasn't disappointed! It was such a relaxing experience, Melissa was so friendly, efficient and effective. I am a dancer, and she found all the spots that had been giving me trouble and applied the right amount of pressure and technique so I left feeling incredibly relaxed and relieved instead of sore or feeling like it was surface-level. I will definitely go back! So nice to know you have a place you can go back to for a good massage and know you'll truly enjoy it.
Excellent This was my first time visiting Melissa. I have any massages and Melissa is excellent. I have some chronic pain issues but I felt amazing after my massage. I will definitely return in the near future for another.
Mr. H
Great Massage Great massage. Good location. Very convenient. Melissa has very strong hands and arms and definitely gets the knots out!
Melissa I have been getting massages from Melissa for many many years and she is the best. She is the best and I have always been satisfied with her treatments. I would highly recommend her for pain relief.
Cindy Hilborn
Best Massages! I've had dozens of massages and no one comes close to Melissa! She finds areas I didn't even realize were tight (like the bottom of my foot, to name only one). She knows how to really get into the tight areas. I just wish I didn't have to drive from St Paul to see her, but it is still worth my time. She does more in 10 minutes than others do in an hour! She needs to teach others. Buy a package deal.
Saved by Melissa I went it see Melissa is full blown pain. After an hour of deep tissue massage my back plus entire skeletal structure felt remarkably, improved. I was afraid I had gone over the edge of no recovery. I will be going back next week. I have been to numerous massage people. There truly is only one Melissa. I wish she could experience how her own work and results. Amazing.
Saved by Melissa I went it see Melissa is full blown pain. After an hour of deep tissue massage my back plus entire skeletal structure felt remarkably, improved. I was afraid I had gone over the edge of no recovery. I will be going back next week. I have been to numerous massage people. There truly is only one Melissa. I wish she could experience how her own work and results. Amazing.
Mindy P
Fantastic I have been to many massage therapists, and know a great therapist when I experience one. Melissa is fantastic -- she listens to what the client wants and needs; is able to find those knots I didn't even know I had; and uses just the right amount of pressure for truly therapeutic results. I also appreciate the tips Melissa provides for self-care between massages.
John H
Deep and effective I compete in races and other athletics and I really appreciated Melissa's talent to find the muscles and attachments that need attention, as well as her strength to provide the deep pressure that I need.
Refreshed Melissa is professional, flexible, and knowledgeable about the body and her profession. I recently had a little boy and have been seeing Melissa for postpartum massage. I arrive tight and stressed out. When I leave I feel refreshed and calm. Her environment is relaxing and she is responsive to your unique massage needs and is able to adapt her technique to suit the individual.
Tracy Thai
Incredible Every time I go see Melissa, I'm reminded of how I need to go see her more regularly. Her technique is unbelievable and she has a natural talent for being able to find your pain points without you even telling her. My experience with Melissa has always been pure heaven. She is one of a kind and bar none the best at her craft. I feel so lucky to have found her. Give her a try and I promise you will be back.
Amazing!!! Melissa's skill is nothing short of amazing. I never fail to leave her clinic without feeling better. I've been having trouble with my shoulder, and it's feeling much better lately, all due to her quality work!!
Abby N
Recharged Melissa is absolutely wonderful at her profession. Her familiarity with the body and ability to listen to her clients' needs allows her to address not only your immediate discomfort but recommend ways for you to keep your body loose after your massage. I highly recommend you give her a try as she can relieve any type of tension and get your body back on track.
Amazing Service Melissa is absolutely amazing! I am a new mama and she is very accommodating when it comes to my ever changing schedule. Recently, she did a mama and baby massage which I appreciated very much! Her professionalism, ability to listen and address problem areas, and friendly demeanor make for a relaxing experience. I'm looking forward to my next massage!
I'm brand new again Melissa is very good at what she does. I am glad my friend introduced me to her. She will work on your body like no one else and when she is done, you feel like a brand new person. Thank you, Melissa! you are the best!!!